What’s Up Wednesday!


I thought I would try this awesome meme that’s going around that I found out about through Dahlia’s blog to keep you guys up-to-date on my happenings. It’s called What’s Up Wednesdays!


I’m more than a little obsessed with SOMEWHERE IN TIME by Richard Matheson. I can’t believe I’ve never read him before. I needed a break from horror so I took a turn into this book and my generously donated ARC copy of BELLMAN AND BLACK which is tremendous. It reminds me of a gothic Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell. I just finished two audio books: THE DEMONOLOGIST and ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD. My reviews are over at Goodreads/Amazon and I’ll be posting my ANNA one there soon.


I’m in edits on my Young Adult Horror WHITE HOLLOW while attempting to do NANOWRIMO on my other fantasy book LO, which I’m terribly behind on but just enjoying writing it at whatever pace it needs. I’m also hoping to get to a short story or two if time allows.

I’ve made up a new inspiration board over at Pinterest with new things that are inspiring me. In particular, I’m a fan of artist¬†Rebecca Rebouch√© who did a line for Anthropologie. I immediately went and bought one of her plates because it was so cute. What inspired me about her is how close to nature she is and how she emulates that through her art. I’m trying to get outdoors more because I’ve missed the mountains of North Carolina and Asheville so much lately and it seems to be feeding my art. I’ve also fallen in love with blog Honey and Jam, which is full of gorgeous mountain photos and recipes and references to contra dancing. It’s like going home.


Drawing and reading mostly. I’m trying to catch up on a few commissions that I am super excited about. Whenever I say I’m catching up on reviews or illustrations, I saw it with great love, not frustration. I love love love drawing for writers and it feeds a part of me that needs to collaborate and create.

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