#PonyFest 2013 Entry- Jennifer Strange of my book series WHITE HOLLOW





When I heard about Rebecca’s Pony Fest contest… I just had to enter my character Jennifer Strange because the idea of my horror medium as a cute custom pony was just too much to resist. I gave it a whirl in the custom pony generator (as I have been working like a madwoman for other illustration projects and on my book edits). I love how cute she came out!

Jennifer Strange is a auburn-haired teen with freckles just on the edge of her nose with a practical mind but is also a powerful medium. I chose the symbolism of the all-seeing eye for her cutie mark because there isn’t a lot Jennifer doesn’t see when it comes to the afterlife plus I love the dual symbolism the eye has as the Illuminati symbol and as an occult symbol, both of which tie into the novel. She’s also wearing, the eye necklace she eventually wears in the novel, which matches the color of her own eyes for mysterious and nefarious reasons that are revealed later. 

WHITE HOLLOW synopsis: Despite seeing a ghost child rip apart her class in a chemical fire, Jennifer still doesn’t believe in the supernatural. When she meets handsome but snarky Marcus and learns that she is a Medium, Jennifer understands the circumstances surrounding her father’s disappearance are not only linked to her new power, they’re tied into the Blackwell family. Now, Jennifer and Marcus must work together to help develop her budding abilities and destroy a wraith before it devours the soul of the young ghost.

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