Hello dear blog followers.

As you all know, I’m a BIG fan of Neil Gaiman. All the way to being on panels talking about his work to once doing his laundry (ask me about it sometime).

As a result, I’m a big believer in his concept behind ALL HALLOWS READ. Don’t know about it? Find out more HERE!

So, my friends… I had an idea as I usually do at one in the morning.


I would like to host a trade. Not unlike a Secret Santa except you swap books with people instead of secret gifts.


NOW, the rules

1) All books must be scary books. They can be scary YA, MG, or Adult. Just scary.

2) They should be physical copies, however if people prefer ebook trades, that is okay too.

3) Sign up below by Oct 3rd and we’ll start trading books by Oct 10th.

4) Have fun!

5) UPDATE*** If you are lost on what to give people, check out these recommendations¬†at the All Hallow’s Read website!

I can’t wait to join in this with you guys!

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17 thoughts on “ALL HALLOWS READ BOOK SWAP – October 2013

  1. I’ve got a slightly used paperback (only been read once) of Jeff Long’s THE DESCENT for some lucky person out there! Figure I can part with it since I have the hardcover too. Plus, how can I say no to our host? ;)

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